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President's Message
Bob Garvie

No matter where you are in Canada, no other province recalls the same energy and vibration.

It’s in the blue skies, rolling fields, mighty rivers and rocky mountains. It’s in the country towns and burgeoning city streets. It’s in the economy that’s growing with every passing day. It’s in the people from sunup to sundown, striving towards the future with every step.


Everyday, more mines are blasted open, more bridges are built, more oil wells are drilled. Infrastructure is needed to clear the path to future growth. Opportunities are being taken and expanding compaines need to rely on dedicated, skilled tradespeople to move them forward.

And forward is where youíll find Whip-It Welding.


It is a standard dedicated to growth. It is a standard that sees into the future where the need for quality steel fabrication will remain vibrant and consistent.


It is our privilege and pride to share this relationship with our customers, and one we plan to maintain for a long time.


Come take the next step into the future with us.

Bob Garvie,
Principal, Whip-It Welding Limited