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Whip-It Welding Launches New Website

by Michael Garvie

01 Mar 2009


EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada -- Whip-It Welding is proud to announce the launch of its new website in March of 2009 as it continues to provide fusion for the future and expand into a new era of continued quality service and an ability to tackle bigger projects.


The website opens up new doors to allow Whip-it Welding to maintain better contact with clients and provide distance quality-control of its product.


“We're going to enter into a new era,” says President Bob Garvie. “We're going to open up the ability to communicate with a global community rather than just a local community.”


It all ties in to Whip-It Welding's CWB certification. With the CWB certification, Whip-It Welding can now provide oil and gas industry services, mining industry services, heavy equipment repairs, transportation infrastructure along with all the smaller projects Whip-It has been handling since 1980.


“The website and CWB certification will really assist us in going international. The launch of a new website at this point in time will allow us to reach a larger clientèle; to communicate with our existing clientèle; and to showcase what Whip-it Welding can offer now and in the future.”


“We've always been, since we incorporated, pretty much relegated to servicing the local community. The bigger reason is that we weren't certified to attract those clients. We are now. It ensures them that we've met a standard. We've proved we can do the work. It gives them a sense of security. This website allows us to showcase that we're ready to enter into the next phase of our growth pattern, and that's to serve the clients that want a quality product.”


Among major plans for the new website includes a sharepoint system. This system will see projects being posted online during development so that clients can dynamically interact and modify projects on-the-go.


“They won't necessarily have to show up and ask how far away we are from completing. We can show them where their project is. We can prove to them we're on target and that we're providing the quality product they've asked for. And at that point in time, if they see something that is not as they envisioned the project to be, they can immediately make a revision, even though they could be thousands of miles away.”


In the future, Whip-It Welding looks to provide a carbon dioxide injection program that would involve injecting pre-existing CO2 gas into oil wells for extraction rather than water in order to conserve fresh water resources. The company will be seeking ASME certification from the Alberta Boiler and Safety Association to provide small compressor packages to this end.


In addition, Whip-It Welding is in the developmental process of a new plasma cutting technology.


“We are working on a revolutionary plasma cutting cable that will provide environmental protection by reducing the emissions that are caused in cutting and the ergonomics that will provide an easier life for the people operating the machine.”


It's about quality control; about growth; about being able to tackle projects that large-scale companies may not be able to handle, while leaving room to expand and take on bigger projects with a focus on not merely satisfaction, but excellence and environmental protection.


“In this present economy, it's going to be a cautious growth that we will have to follow. The oil and mining industry has enough of a incentive to carry on with research and development that we would be able to fit into a niche of the smaller projects that the bigger companies can't handle. Our overheads are lower. Our five-year plan is to ensure our clients are comfortable with giving us the bigger projects.”


“We are here and providing a service that the clients can dictate. It's not that one weld looks great, it's that all welds look great. When we do have a problem, we're not afraid to contact them to ensure the project is meeting their requirements and adapting to their changing needs as the project is developing.”